Below are our fees related to items such as banking, borrowing, card replacement, insufficient funds, and other items. These fees are in effect as of November 1, 2019.

Account Reconciliation Per Hour$25.00
ATM/Debit Card - lost, stolen or damaged$10.00
Attachments/Levies Per Occurrence$150.00
Cashier's Check$6.00
Coin Wrapping5 percent of total amount
Consumer Bill PayNo Charge
Copy of Check, Deposit or Withdrawal$3.00
Copy of Statement$5.00
Counter Check$0.50
Early Account Closing within 90 Days$15.00
Fax Charge Per Page (6 or more)$1.00
Fax Charge Per Page (5 or less)$2.00
Foreign ATM Balance Inquiry$1.00
Foreign ATM Fees$2.50
Gift Cards$4.95
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Charge$35.00
IRA Transfer Fee$10.00
Lost Certificate of Deposit Fee$5.00
Night Deposit Bags (2 or less)$10.00
Night Deposit Bags (3 or more)$5.00
Non-Consumer Bill PayNo Charge
Overdraft Fee$35.00
Overdraft Protection Savings Per Transfer (Limit 6/month)$8.00
P2P (Per Transaction)$0.85
Payroll ACH Initial Set-Up$48.00
Payroll ACH Monthly Fee$4.00
Payroll ACH Return Fee$3.00
Photocopies (Per Copy)$0.50
Picture Pay (Per Image)$1.00
Remote Deposit Capture (Monthly Fee) + Cost of Scanner$35.00
Returned Deposited Check$10.00
Annual Safe Deposit Box Fee (3x5)$35.00
Annual Safe Deposit Box Fee (5x5)$40.00
Annual Safe Deposit Box Fee (3x10)$45.00
Annual Safe Deposit Box Fee (5x10)$70.00
Annual Safe Deposit Box Fee (10x10)$125.00
Annual Safe Deposit Box Fee (15x10)$185.00
Safe Deposit Box Loss of Both KeysCost of Drilling
Safe Deposit Lost Key Fee$10.00
Self Directed IRA Fee (Annual)$35.00
Stop Payment Fee$35.00
Telephone Transfer (Manual)$2.00
Travel Card Purchase ($100.00 - $5,000.00/day. Maximum balance of $10,000.00)$9.95
Travel Card Reload Fee$2.00
Wire (Domestic Incoming)$10.00
Wire (Domestic Outgoing)$20.00
Wire (Foreign Incoming)$10.00
Wire (Foreign Outgoing)$57.00

Note: Check printing fees vary by the style of check ordered. Also, insufficient funds and overdrafts may be created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

While masks are not required in our lobbies, we highly encourage masks for those who have not been vaccinated. Thank you!