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The Peoples Bank has many flexible mortgage programs to help make owning a home a reality, whether through the purchase or the construction of a principal residence or vacation home. Our Mortgage Solutions program is not just for homebuyers. We have loan programs that give the homeowner the opportunity to unlock the potential of the equity in their home to lower monthly payments through refinancing or bill consolidation. You can even get cash out to make that home improvement you have been always dreaming about.

Our mortgage loan programs have many different loan options available. We have the flexibility to evaluate what is the best loan product for your individual scenario. Our in-house loan products that provide flexibility and competitive loan terms for borrowers in our local market. These loans are approved and serviced by The Peoples Bank. The ability to have options in all lending scenarios helps our customers achieve their financial goals. Our mortgage solutions are listed below.

First-Time Home Buyer Mortgage

The bank has a mortgage solution that will help you purchase a home. We have different First Time Home Buyer Programs to help you reach your goals. Our Conventional loan programs are different options we have available to help you become a homeowner. Please contact us for more information on these products.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Traditional fixed-rate mortgage options can help you to purchase a primary residence or vacation home with a low-down payment, refinance for a lower fixed rate, or get cash for other lending needs such as bill consolidation. This product gives you the ability to choose what loan term is best for your situation. A longer loan term allows for a low monthly payment whereas a shorter-term loan saves on finance charges. Please contact us for more information.

Construction Mortgage

We have a convenient mortgage solution that will help you build a home that is a primary residence or vacation home. Our construction mortgages are an in-house (Portfolio) mortgage product that has two phases. The construction phase is used to build the home through construction draws from your loan and you are only required to pay monthly interest-only payments on your loan balance. The permanent phase goes into effect when your home is complete, and your loan will automatically convert to a traditional fixed-rate mortgage that has both principal and interest payments. There is only one loan settlement and the interest rate will be locked in for both phases. Please find more about our portfolio mortgage product below.

Lot Loan Mortgage

Purchase and secure your lot before construction with our Lot Loan solution. We offer flexible and competitive loan terms to allow you the time necessary to plan and build your dream home at a pace that works for you. The Bank also offers construction/permanent loans that can help refinance the lot loan and enable the financing to build the new home. Please contact us for more information.

Portfolio Mortgage

A portfolio mortgage is a loan that will be provided and serviced by The Peoples Bank. This product allows for more flexibility due to the bank’s ability to use its own local underwriting guidelines compared to the national guidelines of the secondary mortgage market. We take a rational approach to lending while giving you the personalized customer service that you deserve through our community bank.


Consumer Mortgage

Comparison table of Consumer Mortgage
Program Rate Annual Percentage Rate* Monthly Principal and Interest Payment
30 Year Fixed 7.750% 7.756% $1,719.39
20 Year Fixed 7.000% 7.008% $1,860.72
15 Year Fixed 7.000% 7.010% $2,157.19

The bank has other options such as First Time Home Buyer Loans, Vacation Home Loans, and Jumbo Loans. Please call for details.

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Meet your lenders

L. Susan Barnhardt
L. Susan Barnhardt Vice President,
Loan Officer
NMLS #: 446532 Email L. Susan
Sheila Bolton
Sheila M. Bolton Vice President,
Branch Administrator,
Branch Manager (Chestertown,
Spring Ave.)
NMLS #: 446534 Email Sheila
David Bowman
David A. Bowman Senior Vice President,
Chief Lending Officer
NMLS #: 1132599 Email David
Eva Hickman
Eva W. Hickman Asst. Vice President,
Branch Manager (Millington)
NMLS #: 446537 Email Eva
Desiree McCracken
Desiree McCracken Vice President,
Loan Officer
NMLS #: 1070644 Email Desiree
Mary Chandler Obrecht
Mary Chandler Obrecht Senior Vice President,
Chief Credit Officer
NMLS #: 2045085 Email Mary Chandler
Cecil Reihl
Cecil A. Reihl Vice President,
Loan Officer
NMLS #: 446538 Email Cecil
Kim Swyka
Kim Swyka Vice President,
Loan Officer
NMLS #: 615426 Email Kim
Carolyn Walls
Carolyn L. Walls Asst. Vice President,
Branch Manager (Sudlersville)
NMLS #: 446539 Email Carolyn

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